Get Started with Your Online Business

The best way to begin trading and get started with your online business is to create a website.

DIY Website Versus Professional Help

Your first task is to decide whether to “go it alone” or seek the help of a professional website designer.

Building your own site online is not as difficult as you might at first imagine and there is a wealth of information available to you literally at the click of a button. You can also accomplish this at no cost to you apart from your time even if you have little or no experience. There are many free options available but I can recommend Wealthy Affiliate as the best way to start.

Not only can you build two websites and have them visible online to the world very quickly and totally free. The program includes a free tutorial and a vast community of entrepreneurs like yourself and at all levels and stages of running their own online business. There are ten free lessons that will get you started and if you wish, you can sign up as a premium member. However, for around 50 USD/month I feel it’s a bit expensive. You would be better off spending your money on more professional webhosting and/or advertising.

You can use the free site option as starting point and if you want to learn how to build your own site with WordPress, the service that WA provides is invaluable. Incidentally, unless you become a paid up member of WA, any site that you build on their server will be deleted after 6 months so make sure to save a copy somewhere else.

If you do not wish to learn and take a back seat in your business, you can enlist the help of a professional web designer to build a site for you. Of course this comes at a price and the end result will really depend on your budget.

Decide on Your Niche

You must decide which kind of business/product that you want to focus on. Don’t choose a large range of products at first. It is better to start small at first and pick something that you know something about or at least have some interest in. You will find it much easier to promote a product if you at least have some knowledge of what you are selling.

Free Websites

What could be better than getting something for nothing? Of course as you probably know it is not usually reality and at some point, you will have to put your hand in your pocket and pay for something.

The same goes for websites and any business. Free sites are great for testing out a market or product especially if you are not sure that it is worthy of any investment. You will get a unique domain name for your site which will normally be a sub-domain of the company that you choose to work with. i.e. YOURNAME.FREEHOST.COM This can be fineĀ and can earn money online in some cases but never looks very professional. You are also limited by not being in control of your website and will normally not have any associated email accounts.

Your Own Domain Name

For the reasons above, I recommend that you purchase your own domain name and get the site hosted on a shared server. There are many companies to choose from and both domain names and hosting are not that expensive now. A lot of companies such as Greengeeks will include a free domain name when you sign up for a hosting account which costs less than around 3 pounds/month.

If you prefer you can secure a domain of your choice (if available) to use at a later date from a registered trader in domain names such as

Choosing a Hosting Provider for Your Website

As I mentioned above Greengeeks is the company of my choice and I have found them very hard to beat. Over the years, I have used many hosting providers and not one has come close to the quality of service and value for money that Greengeeks provides. If you prefer to use a UK company Bestwebhosting have a good choice of packages.

Get Started with Your Online Business Now

You can get started with your online business today just by visiting some of the links above and you will soon be well on your way to Financial Freedom. If you are still unsure about anything to do with starting your own online business, please contact me at and I will do my best to help as much as possible.

Cheap Website Hosting by Greengeeks

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