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Malcolm Scott

Hello, my name is Malcolm Scott, the owner and creator of youronlinebiz.co.uk In the pages of this website, I hope to introduce you to some great online business ideas and ways in which you can make money with your online business. I have been working online since the late 1990s when I made my first steps into the world of e-commerce. I ran a small market stall with my partner in the UK trading in Fashion Jewellery earning a good income by selling goods at local markets and fairs in England. The hours were long and I did a lot of traveling in order to source good products and work at the best venues. This gave me the idea to branch out to look for a much wider audience so I started to research selling via the internet.


My First Website

My first website was built by myself and hosted by Tripod as a free site at http://ringmania.tripod.com. I was basically selling the same products as I was selling on the markets via mail order. This involved some extra work and I had to give up a few smaller venues in order to fulfill the additional business.

The Early Years

Everything was going really well and I was looking forward to expanding my online activities. As I gradually gave up the markets to concentrate on the mail order business, I found that I was getting more time. Now I could source more suppliers and started buying my products in Thailand where I could make considerable savings even after expenses.

A More Professional Approach

In 2000 I purchased my own domain ringmania.co.uk and built a more professional website with a complete new look and design. Soon after that I was hooked and purchased another domain hairmania.co.uk to split up the increasing range of products.
Two years later I managed to acquire my first .com domain and ringmania.com was online for the world in 2002.
Frequent buying trips to Thailand were becoming more time consuming so I sold everything I owned in the UK and relocated to Phuket in 2004.

A new location.

From here I could concentrate on the administration side of the business while my partner in England dealt with the orders and got the products sent out quickly.
To be honest I was beginning to miss the physical side of the business and became bored and disillusioned with the idea of having a purely online occupation. I returned to England in 2005 in order to tie up a few loose ends and work at the market stall for a final summer.
It was quite clear that trade on the markets was not going to improve any time soon and we used the opportunity to clear out most of the stock that had been accumulated in the course of around 10 years trading.
On my return to Thailand later that same year, I spent another two years running Ringmania purely as an online business.

Time for a change.

Unfortunately I soon became lazy and preferred life on the beach.
With the money I had left from the sale of my stuff in England, I got married and opened a small beach resort with my wife and as a result my jewellery business took a back seat.
The resort soon became successful and I was spending all my time taking care of the new business until 2012 when our son was born. This was really my first wake up call to become a responsible parent and while my wife took care of the resort, I looked after our son virtually every day until he started school in 2017.

A new online business idea.

Shareasale Affiliate Marketing
Since then, I have been able to return to my online business only this time at hours to suit my current situation and with no stock or customers to deal with.
This is now possible due to Affiliate Marketing and it has really changed my life dramatically.
I no longer have to physically buy stock and send it to customers every time an order is placed. All this is done by companies that I have affiliated with and I earn a small commission on every sale originating from product links at my own website.
I now have more time to spend with my family and am able to work during the hours that suit.

Your Online Business

For further information on starting your online business please read my Getting Started page.

Perhaps you are planning to start or rebuild your online business. Please contact me or leave a comment below and I will get back to you if required and help in any way that I can. Over the years I have acquired a lot of knowledge and can help you on the way to financial independence and setting up your online business.

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